Clear Capture Audio



Clear Capture Audio is passionate to deliver audio service for film and media productions.  Operating from the philosophy that the best place to improve audio clarity and creativity is at the source, there is a strong desire for us to work with our clients from an early stage in their productions. Considerations for clarity and creativity will save you time and money in the post-production audio process. If you would like to learn more about the various services CCA offers please continue reading below or if you would like to discuss the audio requirement of your next project, please use the information on the contact page to get in touch.


Clarity in your location audio is the best way to save time in audio post-production. Using high quality audio equipment, an experienced operator, and sound proofing techniques, CCA will do everything possible to capture the cleanest audio on set. As a part of our location services we encourage including our location recordist in your location scouts so that we can best prepare and adapt for our acoustic environment before the shoot date. We can promise an organised, methodical process to provide you with great outcomes.


Audio post-production is more than just ‘sweetening’. Included in our post audio services are foley artistry, music sourcing, atmosphere production, audio restoration, dialogue cleaning and conforming audio to meet legal standards. Through this whole process we will work with you to meet your creative needs while ensuring clear impactful sound effects and dialogue. We understand that budget and time efficiency are important when considering post audio which is why we strive to return projects to you quickly without compromising quality.


We don’t just work in film! Have a band that needs a recording? Orchestra? Theatre show? Our staff are qualified music recording and mixing engineers, and we want to hear from you about your next project.